Service with a Flourish

service with a flourishOur client knew they wanted to create a service experience that was unique in the restaurant business. Ideally it needed to have impact but be more than just words or a smile; it needed to stand out from all other styles of service in the market place. Breeze became aware of the challenge through a number of discussions and came back with a new approach.

Our Solution

We came up with the idea of creating a performance and so introduced our client to one of our associates who was a choreographer. Combining his knowledge and personality with our understanding of the client’s business we developed a style of customer service that was very visual and engaging for customers. As part of the roll out to the business we ran training sessions in locations where we would start with a ‘dance’ warm up before explaining and ‘rehearsing’ the style and approach each member of staff would need when serving the customer.

The reaction and comments from customers when this was rolled out was unanimous in its praise, but it also created a significant positive energy among the team members which translated to a great customer experience.