Rewards Come with Unique Experiences

Our client rewarded their annual top performers with a very special incentive travel trip. They wanted to give their winners something unique, something that ‘money couldn’t buy’ and would live long in the memory.

Our Solution

South Africa is a wonderful and exciting country at the best of times but we added a couple of dimensions to ‘surprise’ the winners on this particular trip. A quiet and gentle visit to one of the country’s leading wineries went stratospheric when unbeknown to them they came face to face with, and actually stroked, a beautiful wild Cheetah. The big Cat was part of a conservation and rescue initiative in South Africa and our group were able to hear about and see first-hand the work they do.

Even the bus journey on the final evening of the trip was an event as the group were surprised to be serenaded on board a local bus by a fantastic male band playing and singing some wonderful local melodies. Our winners were so impressed they insisted on collecting an impromptu gratuity for the singers as a big thank you.

On return to the UK these amazing experiences were chatted about over and over again resulting in everyone who heard what had taken place seriously focussing on being awarded a place on next year’s trip.