Pictures Lead to a Pick-me-up!

Our client, one of the leading black cab and transport solutions company in the UK, was on the point of introducing a transport management system which would enhance their client’s transportation needs. However bringing this to life internally and showing visually how this would benefit the users was a tricky problem.

Our Solution

Our video production team designed and wrote a short film that explained clearly how the new system would benefit the end user immediately and also the client longer term with cost savings. Using a combination of graphics and ‘live’ action we told the story of how the new management system would connect people’s transport needs together as one booking whether across the world or just the UK, making pick-ups quicker and financial savings longer term. The message needed to be simple about a system that was new and technically advanced. Our client was delighted with the response from their audience which led to a raft of enquiries and clients wanting to use the new system.