Pass it On!

Our client needed to create a 4/5 minute video that encapsulated the essence of their brand. An upbeat snapshot of what made their business a great place to work and a video “diary” of what they had achieved over the last year. The age profile of the audience was 18 – 35, so it was essential that the video resonated with them, felt current and of the now.

Our Solution

We created a video using the footage from staff filming each other and the business using an iPhone along with footage showing them filming each other. Encapsulating the essence of the business through fast, flirty, snapshots accompanied with upbeat music, they passed the phone to one another with the aim of sharing and capturing their place of work.

The result was a fast and uplifting video which drew applause from the audience when it was shown at the conference and set the tone for an energetic business meeting.